About Thomas Hart Academy

Building Strong Foundations

Thomas Hart Academy is committed to the academic and emotional well-being of its students by focusing on the individual child and fostering a love of learning within a safe, nurturing environment.

Mother's Day Program IEstablished in 1970, Thomas Hart Academy (THA) is an independent, co-educational, non-discriminatory day school enrolling approximately 175 students from 3K to 8th grade.

We offer students the opportunity to learn, create, experience, and gain confidence by meeting the challenges of a strong academic program and participating in numerous co-curricular activities.  THA views students as individuals with diverse talents, interests, and personalities. As such, we understand the necessity of using a variety of educational approaches and strategies.

The Core Values of Thomas Hart Academy

Our core values represent the essence of the school.  Known by students, teachers, and parents, they guide all interactions and decisions.

Honesty-Truthful in all circumstances, towards ourselves, others, and their property

Respect-Thoughtfulness and consideration for ourselves and others

Confidence- Belief in our ability to succeed and the courage to try

Kindness-Showing courtesy and caring towards ourselves and others

Teamwork- Cooperating and collaborating with others to achieve similar goals



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Building Strong Foundations for a Lifetime