THA Faculty and Staff

It takes a village and we have a great one!

Name  Years of Experience  Role
Amy Jenner 13 Head of School
Sarah Dargan 39 Middle School
Patti Parnell 26  Financial Manager
Chure Galloway 19 4K
Renee Smitt 30 4K assistant
Caroline Ropp 17 Middle School
Frankie Mixon 16 Art
Wally Johnson 16 Physical Education
Kerri Pennington 15 Middle School
Amanda Saleeby 18 5K
Kim Wilberger 15 Music/Website Manager
Tara Woodson 14 Grade 4
Lischen Kerr 14 1st Grade
Selena Davis 13 Spanish/Physical Education
Gretchen McInville 13 3K
Corina Anfinson 10 Media Center/Spanish
 Bethanie Kenderdine 6  Latin
 Ashley Reardon 6  Office Manager
Jennifer Jones 5 5K Assistant
Shannon Haas 3 1st grade assistant
 Crystal Trueluck 2 3rd Grade
Kim Odom 2nd Grade
Lakin Smith ASP
 Haley Henzel K3 assistant
Kaitlyn Keyser 5th Grade
Heather Perry Middle School Math

Celeste Harris                                                        Middle School

Janice O’Sullivan                                                   Guidance and Assessment

Anna Tingen                                                           Marketing and Development

Reyna Perez                                                           Spanish/Custodian

Audrey Davis                                                          Custodian

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